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About Us

Ikaasa was born out of pure love for the beauty of Indian culture. Its Indianness rests in its elegant and splendid collection of scarves with designs that are simple, sophisticated and distinctly contemporary. Giving a sense of freedom, these scarves resonate the graceful elegance of a modern woman.

As a brand, Ikaasa seeks to bridge the gap between traditional weaves and the constant evolution of fashion, and thus give way to a global design.

It truly believes in the word ‘hand-made’. Inspired by the rich Indian textile heritage, it collaborates with clusters of skilful weavers and artisans who bring their expertise and craft to create the product.

The hand-made scarves of Ikaasa are carefully crafted with traditional techniques. Its 100% cashmere fabric is adorned with patterns in which Indian aesthetics seamlessly meet the nature’s beauty. Ikaasa celebrates this union that is indigenous as well as modern.